5 ways to be happy which will ultimately make you a good leader , if you are the one.

1️⃣ Take care of your mental health: Yes, you need to have good physical health, but mental fitness matters too! We do not always care about our mental health as we do with our physical health. But a good organizer also needs to be mentally healthy. 1 out of every 7 people in Bangladesh suffers from mental problems. It’s good to know some ways to stay mentally healthy. For example, spend quality time with people you love, like your family, listen to people and try to understand them. Respect others and share those things that are hurting you to a person you trust. Make enough time to do what you love, and sleep enough time (7 to 9 hours).

2️⃣ Communication skills: a volunteer has to become proficient in communicating well with others. You have to listen to other people. We often become more interested in telling people than listening to them. That’s not fair at all. Others should listen carefully.

Communication means connecting with others. It can be through email, social media, phone calls or physically. Wherever the person understands, he / she can connect with him / her conveniently. For that reason I have to keep that in mind when I am talking and what I am saying. Keeping a smile on your face also plays an important role in communication.

3️⃣ Time management: An organizer should always be careful about time, so other people’s time is not wasted and the work is not disrupted. Make a list of the important tasks you have to do and the time you are assigning to them. There are various time management apps that can be used to get good results.

4️⃣ Positive Thinking: often people talk about their own actions, problems or failures in the past or talk negatively about others. This should not be done. You have to try to see everything as positively as possible. Without repeatedly thinking negatively about the events that have happened before. If you do not focus on the positive, many things can cause problems in the organization. Working can cause frustration sometimes, but negative thinking is not an option. You should try to boost self-esteem with yourself and colleagues.

5️⃣ Learn about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Young organizers need to have a good knowledge about SDGs if they want to support their communities. The role of young people is very important in meeting the Sustainable Development five goals, no matter how small you think your actions are.

Published by Bishal Chetry

Blogger, geography graduate.

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